New at the Chocolaterie Concept Chocolate : The Chocolate Dragees!

Published by Maxime Pliester le

At the chocolate factory Concept Chocolate, we are always in search of renewal, and today, we are proud to unveil our latest workshop dedicated to chocolate dragees. These little marvels, which combine the delicacy of a layer of chocolate with varied gourmet hearts, are the fruit of our constant passion for innovation.

The Secret of Dragées? The Harmony of Flavors. The process of creating chocolate dragees is an art in itself. Each piece is carefully coated in a thin layer of our chocolate, preserving the unique flavor of the central ingredient. So, whether it's a toasted hazelnut or a roasted coffee bean, each dragee is a taste journey in itself.

Discover Our Gourmet Assortment

  • Grilled hazelnuts from Piedmont : A treasure of flavours, where the crunchiness of the hazelnut meets the sweetness of our chocolate.
  • dried cape gooseberries : A perfect contrast between the fruity acidity and the richness of dark chocolate.
  • Sweet almonds : A timeless duo, magnified by our know-how.
  • cereal crackers : A textured adventure, where the crunchiness of cereals is enveloped in a layer of amber chocolate.
  • ... And so many other combinations to tickle your taste buds!

Come and Taste the Future of Chocolate!
Discovery is at the heart of our mission at the Chocolaterie Concept Chocolate. With these dragees, we invite you to rediscover the pleasure of chocolate in a new light.
Visit us and immerse yourself in this taste exploration that we have meticulously prepared for you.

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