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Our adventure

Take part in the adventure Concept Chocolate, it's... going to meet a passionate team that will make you forget all your prejudices about chocolate to come out with a fresh look...
demonstrate attentiveness, flexibility and professionalism... set off to discover Brussels, the Belgian and European capital, and its culinary, cultural and artistic treasures. ... the guarantee of enjoying 100% artisanal, traditional and sustainable chocolates. So, ready for the adventure?


Cacao-trace™ is our sustainable and ethical cocoa program but also a symbol of quality around the world. For each kilo of chocolate purchased, part of the income is paid to the farmers in addition to what they usually earn. At the same time, this ensures greater yield and better quality.

Cacao-Trace™ chocolate is made only from the finest quality cocoa beans which are fermented and dried according to a very strict process. These 2 processes are carried out in close collaboration with the Cacao-Trace™ team on site.

Green Key

Green Key is an eco-label awarded to more than 3000 tourist attractions in more than 60 countries around the world. This ecolabel is awarded to companies with an environmental approach within their company. In order to be able to apply for this certificate, companies must follow a certain number of very specific criteria. Reduce water and electricity consumption as well as reduce the amount of waste. Each year, Green Key checks all these criteria to be sure that the companies do their best to respect the environment.  

We are proud to announce that Concept Chocolate has been one of the winners of this eco-label since January 2020 and that we are the only chocolate factory not only in Brussels but in the world to have obtained it.

Belgian craftsmanship

The creation of the Certified Craftsman Label is initiated by the FPS Economy. In Belgium, since June 1, 2016, craftsmen and craftswomen can apply for legal recognition in order to highlight their activity and their know-how. It is in February 2020 that the chocolate factory Concept Chocolate proudly obtains the Certified Craftsmanship Label.