Poudre de cacao 100% - Origine Côte d'Ivoire
Poudre de cacao 100% - Origine Côte d'Ivoire
100% cocoa powder - Origin Ivory Coast
100% cocoa powder - Origin Ivory Coast

100% cocoa powder - Origin Ivory Coast

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Superior Cocoa Powder
This powder has an attractive warm color and a fat percentage of 22-24.
Ideal to give flavor and color.

How to cook cocoa powder?

Raw cocoa powder will allow you to make tasty hot or cold drinks, and will also, of course, be used in the preparation of many desserts, each as delicious as the next. To you the cocoa powder cakes, and other mug cakes that have been on the rise lately. But don't limit yourself to desserts, because cocoa powder can work wonders in savory cooking. A touch of cocoa powder in a tortilla will give it strength and bitterness. In sauce, you will be conquered. Small track among many others: soy sauce, cocoa powder and grated ginger. Soak shrimp in it and your palate will be delighted! Finally, think of the association poultry cocoa, which works really well.

What is cocoa powder?

Once upon a time, the kernel of the beans of the cocoa tree or cocoa tree, a tree native to Mexico. This tree produces a fruit, the pod. Each pod contains between 30 and 40 beans, including the kernel. The almond is very bitter. It must therefore be fermented, sorted and finally roasted. It is only after this roasting that it is crushed and then ground. But the story is not over yet, because we then obtain cocoa paste, a fatty product since it contains cocoa butter. But cocoa powder is almost free of lipids. So the last chapter of this story is about removing the cocoa butter from the cocoa mass. What is obtained is called the “cake”. It will be crushed one last time then sieved, to finally give the famous cocoa powder.


The health and nutritional benefits of cocoa powder

Real cocoa powder (without added sugar) is very interesting from a nutritional point of view. It is low in carbohydrates and lipids, but, on the other hand, incredibly rich in complex antioxidants, such as polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins. The secret is that cocoa powder is actually raw cocoa. Not having undergone extensive heating, the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants have not been altered. At stake, the health of the cardiovascular system and a proven anti-aging effect. And all this without losing the anti-stress action that chocolate is famous for, as well as the magnesium content that makes cocoa powder a major ally against fatigue and sluggishness.

Weight250 g

Storage and Tasting: Store the chocolates in their packaging in a dry place between 15 and 18°C ​​away from light and humidity, do not store in the refrigerator. To best appreciate the taste qualities of chocolates, we advise you to taste them in a calm environment, at a temperature close to 21°C.