Why is Belgian chocolate so special?

Published by Maxime Pliester le

No matter where you go in the world, people will have already heard of Belgian chocolate, but what makes it so different from others?

 Belgian chocolate is known for its taste and finesse. Three steps are crucial in order to achieve this result. These steps are selection, curing and conching.

In order to produce Belgian chocolate the ingredient selection process is very important. Then you have to mix them. To make dark chocolate, cocoa mass and cocoa butter are used, while for white chocolate, only cocoa butter is used.

To obtain the finest possible chocolate mass, it must be refined. A first time until the particles have a size of 150 microns and then until they are 20 microns. As our tongue cannot detect things with a size of less than 30 microns, it follows that the smaller the particle, the smoother the chocolate will be in the mouth.

The chocolate is then conched to obtain a homogeneous texture thanks to friction. This step also brings out the taste of the chocolate. The cocoa butter is then added in order to obtain a perfect viscosity for each use.

The last step is tempering, which is used to make the chocolate shiny and brittle.

Given that there are more than 500 different chocolatiers in Belgium, they must constantly reinvent themselves and improve their techniques in order to remain the best in their field.


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