The 5 benefits of cocoa butter

Published by Maxime Pliester le

The cocoa tree is also known by its scientific name “Theobroma” which means “food of the gods”. This is correct given all the different uses that can be made of it. A little less known than its chocolate brother, cocoa butter has many benefits. Here are five.

  1. It slows down skin aging

Since cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants and vitamins (A, B, C and E), it is the perfect way to protect your skin from outside threats by acting as a barrier.

  1. It hydrates the skin

Cocoa butter is packed with fatty acids that penetrate well into the skin to deeply hydrate it. 

  1. It relaxes you

Thanks to its smell, cocoa butter is a perfect relaxant during a bath after a long day.

  1. It is perfect for giving massages

Since chocolate melts at body temperature, it is the perfect oil for massages and also helps reduce stretch marks.

  1. It makes you happier

Cocoa butter is present in chocolate and raises the level of several hormones in your body such as endorphin which reduces your stress levels, serotonin which makes you happier or even theobromine which raises your level of feeling good. -to be. Why not come and taste our chocolate to test the benefits yourself?

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