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 Discover our sustainable program with Cacao - Trace


Cacao-Trace is a program that follows chocolate, aims for the best chocolate and creates added value for all parties involved. Concept Chocolate is part of this programexception to offer you the best of artisanal chocolate.

An ethical production

Cacao-trace is also a symbol of quality around the world. For each kilo of chocolate purchased, part of the income is paid to the farmers in addition to what they usually earn. This allows farmers to make better chocolate as it gives them more time and ensures the plants are taken care of. 

Cacao-Trace offers cocoa producers an additional incentive: a premium linked to the quality of their cocoa beans. The more a producer improves the quality of his beans, the more money he earns and the more he is motivated to keep producing better quality. He will then be able to invest in his plantation, his habitat, his family.


Fermentation under the magnifying glass

Only properly fermented cocoa beans can result in delicious tasting chocolate. Just as the quality of a wine depends on the vinification of the grapes, the better the beans are fermented, the tastier the chocolate they produce. This is why Cacao-Trace pays great attention to fermentation. Post-harvest centers are built near the farms, where fermentation experts supervise, monitor and improve the fermentation process and check the quality of the cocoa beans. All this ultimately guarantees a chocolate with a uniformly exceptional flavor.



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